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Catalogue of Media at Mediathek
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Language-learning booths

The ‘language lab’ has nine separate workstations. Each of them is equipped with a modern touchscreen PC and a connected headset. They are mainly used for interactive language-learning software - so you can work without being watched or disturbed and communicate with the headset. Video phone calls are also possible here.

language-learning software

The Mediathek offers a wide spectrum of interactive language-learning software which enables the user to acquire and train language ability in a playful manner.

It is suitable for learning languages outside of the course system or for practising skills alongside language courses. In addition to the installed software, the Mediathek offers free access to the learning platform Dalango   ®.

Overview of language-learning software (link)

Information about the software “Tell me more” (link)


Feature films offer a pleasant variety in place of dreary language learning. The Mediathek provides some DVDs which can be played at all PC stations. At the following link you can see in which languages and subtitles the movies are available. (link)

Video cassettes

The Mediathek also has feature films/motion pictures in the VHS format. There is a player in the language lab for watching these.

Audio-CDs and -cassettes

In addition to classical language-learning cassettes and CDs there are also music CDs available in different languages.

PC pool

Besides nine Windows-based PCs, the PC Pool   provides access to two Apple iMacs for working with the operating system iOS. As in the language-learning booths you can use the language-learning software too.

Touch screen PCs

Our PCs can also be used by touch screen. This has advantages when dealing with the language learning software, when editing multimedia files and when using many other applications.

Large presentation screen

There is a large presentation screen in the PC pool, which can be operated by an iMac (Windows is also possible). Here you can give, prepare or practise presentations. Please fix individual dates for such a situation, because other users in the PC Pool could be disturbed.

Adobe Master Collection

The Mediathek offers the complete suit of the Adobe Master Collection (CS5) for editing pictures, audio and video material.

Mircosoft office 2010

As MS office is probably the most common office package, the Mediathek offers the complete suite. As we expect that many users write in many different languages, the Word application with its autocorrect feature is essential - as well as the different keyboard layouts, which can be easily changed. Combined with the touchscreen, the alternative keyboard layout is even more useful.

Seminar room with multimedia equipment

Our seminar room (SR1) is mostly used for university courses and is completely equipped with Macs. It also has a whiteboard, which can be used to get familiar with new, innovative technology.

Books, magazines and information material

There are many books, exercise books, magazines and other kinds of information material in different languages to broaden languages skills, commonly complementing additionally available audio media in this facility. However, these can only be used on site.

Following the link below you will find an overview of the print media available in the Mediathek:

Print media available in the Mediathek
Medienkatalog.pdf (internal only) (187.2 KB)  vom 01.12.2017

Audio, photographic and video equipment

The Mediathek offers a free rental service for recording equipment (audio, pictures and video). The service is provided for university purposes only. Further information can be found here (German only).